Wednesday, April 4, 2007


To piss me off at a very early hour is super nakaka-badtrip.
So instead of battling that stupid texter (whoever that is who happened to know my number and I don't know how), I'll be plugging that number here.
Feel free to bombard that number with whatever message you want.

To annoy me is okay but to provoke and mock me is another thing.
Puta ka!

I'll be on a hiatus.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Karma is usually translated as the law of cause and effect. That we suffer at present because of past harmful or spiteful actions. Karma underlines the importance of all individuals being responsible for their past and present actions. When taking actions, it is best to look at what effect this will have on others, and why is it that we are taking these actions.

Marami akong nababalitaan tungkol dito sa Karma. This even goes way back in Christ's time. Remember what He said?
"Do not do unto others what you don't want them to do unto you."
Tama nga naman. But why is it that people tend to be so stupid that they ignore this constantly. Thus they suffer and question God why them, among all the people in the world why them. Right? It happens, most people say, shit happens. Instead of blaming other people, why not try to look back at what you've done in the past. Even the slightest action from the past will alter whatever it is in the future.
Kung ano man ang nagawa mo, masama man o mabuti, ay babalik rin sayo.

Naniniwala ba kayo?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

:: Fucked Up::

So yeah, it's over!
5 months filled with sweet lies!
5 months, she made a fool out of me.
To think, I cared for her so much and this is how she treats me.
I haven't done anything wrong.

I never should have given her another chance, I never should have believed her.
I'm disappointed that I've been fooled twice. So shame on me, right?

You wanna know for what reason?
It's because I made her feel that I'm in love with someone else.
What the fuck is that?!
God knows how much I've sacrificed, the things I did for her.

Is it me or what?
What part of me really hurts, is my ego.
So if ever I'd see her, I'll definitely bash her head in the wall.

Just thinking about what happened makes me want to destroy things.
Hell, I could destroy this place right here.

I don't need to speak obscene words about her.
Ok, one word. BITCH.
Fuckin bitch. Now, two words.
This is fun. *prancing around*
Fuck her and that stupid third party.
The hell with them all.

I'll be moving on.